Handy OSX Shortcut: Screenshot Into Clipboard

I am sure many of you know this but I recently did this in front of someone who I thought knew this trick already but it turned out they did not. So I am sharing it here in case this proves helpful to some out there.

Typically when one screenshots what is visible on screen one uses command + shift and the number 3. That works but then you have to open the file it creates, select-all + copy + paste it into your design. It also leaves a file on your desktop. That’s one file filling-up your desktop every time you take a screenshot.

Instead, next time try command + control + shift and the number 3.
Now you can just go into photoshop and paste right into any file or create a new file that will automatically be sized to whatever is on your clipboard. A small difference in one instance alone, but big difference overtime. This saves couple of seconds and it also saves time since you won’t have to go back and clear your desktop of unwanted leftover screenshots.

This also works for selective screen captures: command + shift and the number 4. Instead of making a screenshot of the entire viewport, this allows you to select an area of the screen to screenshot. Using command + control + shift and the number 4 will also allow you to copy into your clipboard instead of creating a file on your desktop.

Hope this is clear and helpful.

Hola Mundo

Hi there,
I used to run a photoblog here called “Bocetos” which was a daily update of New York street photography. ¬†You can find it here now. In this new blog, I plan on doing more writing in general. I am not a native English speaker so you should simply expect occasional typos and poorly written sentences.

This blog is going to be more about Design and Technology with a random photo update. Once or twice a year, I may write about personal projects. I plan on doing some writing in Spanish as well. I think the Spanish speaking community needs quality design resources and I hope this becomes that but also for the design community in general. I plan on creating some basic tutorials on UX and UI stuff that will go along with free PSDs and AI file downloads.

My ultimate hope is that this becomes a community and a great resource for designers. Most great communities I know are ones where you, the reader are the single most important piece. So I rely on you to teach me stuff, to share your thoughts in the comments and to help me make this a indispensable resource for everyone.

This should be fun.